Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oakland Wall of Fame Update

Beat Street/B-Boy Interlude- The Roots

Meut One TDK, Soul TDK, portrait by Amend TDK

Dream's Tattoos of fallen brothers PakOne TDK and PlanBee 11-5 By Spie TDK

J Dilla- Anti-Amerikkkan Graffiti

Vogue TDK reps an original style... wholly shit.

PakOne R.I.P. by Spie TDK, TMC, FC, IRIE POSSE

Chino BYI rep'n NYC!

Original style innovators, Mark Bode character, Stan 153

Young buck Daz flexes on the Meeting of Styles section of the wall.

Tall homies are the last to Rock, we gotta sew the backgrounds together and it's a wrap! Apologies to those not featured, promise I'll get you up, the shadows were too much for my sidekick... booooo.

More from Oakland's Wall of Fame. Stay tuned for a massive post once it's all said and done... Shit is lookin DOPE. The wall is almost a QUARTER MILE long with many of the Nation's freshest writers rocking styles in memory of Mike "Dream" Francisco, Oakland's favorite son and style master who was tragically murdered in February of 2000. The wall is a tribute by his comrades that helped Mike put Oakland/Bay Area Graffiti on the map. Keep an eye out for the opening party throwdown coming soon!

Ps... the banner image for this blog is a pic of one of my old pieces the day before painting began on this huge project. The wall was so caked with hundreds of burners that it was falling off in huge beautiful chips that had to be pressure washed off and primed. Big up to young Kufu 2!

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Anonymous said...

All Kings yo! I drove by that the other day and was like "WOW!!!!" Always nice to see huge ass wall's getting filled by one crew and not hella toy's hahaha.