Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A while ago I nominated my homegirl Nancy for an Agape Foundation Peacemaker prize, which they won for their life-changing (and saving) work in the Mission (SF) with Latino/a youth, taking their love for their set/block/hood and turning it into love for the people, our struggle and freedom.  When nominating her, I asked Nancy, "you wanna be nominated? Or the organization?"  she snapped "You ain't shit wit'out your Homies!"  H.O.M.E.Y. stands for Homeys Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth.  They were a part of a recent shutdown of the I.C.E. (Immigration Control [ha] and Enforcement) who has been unjustly deporting and detaining mission residents who are the life blood of the city on some homeland paranoia/prison industry bullshit.  Here are some photos.

These are a few of my Homies that I ain't shit without... 

is my ace.  He busts the dope moves on mix tapes and up in the club.  He and DJ Eleven collaborated the definitive "DIRTY RAPS... the Best of Too $hort" mix last year, and he is still driving the ladies (of age of course) wild with the double disc "Dirty R&B... the Best of R. Kelly."  He and I make party every Saturday up at Kitty's in Emeryville at a night called Crazy From The Heat!  Matthew is like my personal library of dope music.  He's always hella generous and willing to talk music over some dranks.  His latest and greatest is "HARD AS FUCK VOL. 4" on Beer and Rap which will have you stompin' the shit out of somebody in no time!

DJ ELEVEN of (((LOCAL1200))) fame is the tallest DJ on record and we go back so far I hooked him with his name.  He laces the ladies, gents, boys and girls with the get sweaty heavy heavy monster sound at The Rub in Brooklyn every first Saturday with the dudes Cosmo and Ayers.  Like B-Legit said the dude is "so international" and i would agree.  He rep'd the Town on the Best of Too $hort with Matthew Africa and has made like A BIZILLION other DOPE mix projects that stay in rotation round the world.  He and The Rub homies kicked the shit out of a huge undertaking unlike any other in their take on the "HISTORY OF HIP HOP" series that plays all the platters that matter from 1979 to today!  Hot damn!

SAKE ONE my (((LOCAL1200))) crewfam makes sure the Bay's soundtrack to the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality always has its proper dose of dynomite soul!  My man is the Bay's foremost record slayer and holds down the best weekly nights in Fog Town.  PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (tuesday) and COLORS (thursdays).  Sake stands tall amongst us freedom fighting party mongers who put it where our hearts are and still makes the ladies say "Owwwwwww."  For real doe, my man is a Legacy in this line of work and makes good like the champ he is!   Here is a live mix he rocked at Colors (early set), at the behest of his moms I think.  

I could go on and on!  Fuck it, think I'll go weekly with it... HOMIE LOVE.  Word!

In Struggle, 

p.s. Big up Fred Savage of  SUCKA FREEZE!

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