Friday, November 14, 2008


Ya boy Willie Maze has been working with Native Tribes on the Klamath River in Northern California to remove 4 dams. The story made the FRONT PAGE of the SF Chronicle today when the company announced an agreement in principle to remove the dams. It's a huge step forward in removing the dams, which has huge spiritual, environmental and economic impact for the all people on the Klamath, which is one of this country's last great salmon rivers. In addition to being a DJ, I've been the director of the Indigenous People's Power Project that works with Indigenous communites across the U.S. and Canada to use direct action strategy and tactics to stick it to The Man (in this case, Warren Buffett). I been collaborating on creative nonviolent direct action with them since early this year in a campaign that goes back hella far. Looking forward to turning up the heat and pushing those shits over! This is one hell of a birthday surprise!

The fam Chook Chook (KARUK) is a young and powerful leader in this fight. He called the "richest" man in the world a S.O.B. in his native language in front of 30,000 + shareholders in Omaha this year at Berkshire Hathaway's AGM. I asked him for a musical selection for this post he offered "Solid As A Rock" by Sizzla.

Try this on too... Unstoppable - Santo Gold

p.s. FUCK PROP. 8!!!! (Watch the video) REPEAL! REPEAL! REPEAL!

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missbliss said...

Wow, thats amazing, front page... Isn't it nice to see the fruits of your labor go somewhere... in your case it got major media attention for your cause. Native peoples have suffered for hundreds of years due to dams being built to quench the thirst of the white man... my gramps said they used it as a tactic to get us off our so we wouldnt have a rez no more... cheap ass bastards... once they realized the land that they moved us too was valuable rich in minerals and other natural resources... they are willing to do anything to extinguish us! Im glad your out there doing something about it! Props to you and your whole movement!