Friday, January 30, 2009


SATURDAY the 31st, Serg of BEER AND RAP/HARD AS FUCK fame is throwing a fucking monster! The lineup is maney! Dave Nada, Emynd and Bo Blizz headline at a undisclosed location. You gotta hit up THIS LINK to get with it. Here are two of my favorite bangers from the Saturdays headliners... Lets go APESHIT!

Tittsworth feat. Kid Sister & Paserock- WTF (Nadastrom on Drugs Remix)

Emynd- To All My Haters

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lower Haight! (Updated)

Listen to this on repeat till your ears bleed....

Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell- Yes

This wall is wall 2 of the 2walls in 2days run. It was hella fun to paint with yall! The last 2 posts were directly from my sidekick, so apologies for the low rez (no pun intended) and lack of context. These are from the first day of painting, like Buder TMF/189says "it's like a party painting at this spot." So he came back and lit it up! I'll repost with the final shot with saucy megapixels...

This is Lil' Mohammed in front of my piece. His pops owns the store. This dude is a G, he just stood and watched us paint and guarded our gear/paint so the sketchy Haight St. types couldn't violate. I rocked a pager code with my "MT" since Buder repped 189 crew.

Buder has been painting O'looney's liquor store on Haight and Steiner in the SFC for years through the homies at Lower Hater who are across the street from the sto'. I've rocked with him on this wall a couple of times, but unfortunately wasn't able to come back the second and third nights in which a magical unicorn pegasus appeared my little pony steez. He also hit up the homies in Lower on the wall which I thought was a hot idea since the whole hood comes thru to say hey and spread love. Check back for the shot of the wall!

Big up to Mohammed and lil' Mohammed for holdin' us down!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Wall 1 of 2walls in 2days... the corner of Valencia and Duboce in SF, on the side of Pizza Zone. This is phase 1, burners. We came back on day 2 after painting O'looneys in Lower Haight and hooked up the background. Again, apologies for the low rez imagery, shot of the finished wall to come soon!

above: Mike Giant was one of the first writers I met after I started writing for real. He was hella good to me and taught me "whatever you can draw, you can paint" which I now tell youngsters. He is duly recognized as a great artist and is blowin' the fuck up! He's got his own Sharpie model. Damn! That's official!

above: Keb, GM5 Killin' it, wait till you see the background laced up just right!

above: Buter, TMF So ill he's decrepid and falling off the wall... This man's hustle is flawless! Keep you eyes peeled, more to come fa sho!

above: Wand, TM7 Tall, white and sick widdit! His gargantuan final letter forced me to be creative. Thanks buddy!

above: Little dude infront of Meut, TDK's abreviated styles. He and his brother were like 10 and 11, just started writing and just got caught by their dad for having paint. Think this dude wrote "Toxic" haha.

above: Chief is always one of my favorite writers. Don't call it a come back!

above: SF O.G. Cuba... a worker asked, "no sketch?" to which he replied "I been doin' this for 30 years, I don't need one." Word!

above: Pi = 3.14159265 gets ill with scraps and borrowed paint.You've seen him up... pleez buhleev!

Guardians of the wall were painted on the rooftop by Buter. The spot is visible from across the street at Zeitgeist. I HELLA love painting! FUCK YEAH! Thanks to all the homies, well wishers and all who rocked the wall of fuckin Pizza Zone!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hell yeah, its Saturday! YUP! Matthew Africa and I been holding Saturday nights at Kitty's down for at least a couple years. In honor of that I thought I'd share another Napquest! You know you doin' a lil' much when you wanna suggest your friend Selena, who just turned what ever, is a Nasty Girl. Pretty sure I obliged this one with a good laugh... especially since these aggrobreezies were polite and shit ("please, thank you"). Check out how creepy the little face is with the mono-brow. Come thru tonight if you wann chill in the East Bay and you wanna hear us bus' the dope moves! 10P-2A, 21+, Always Coverless to deal with the Heat!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keep it Sureal

With all the Tax Dollars Killing in the first days of 2009, I fucking need a good laugh.

I'm gonna keep adding shit that keeps me sane to this post... come back, aaite?

BIG UP to my dude Mr. Marlon for hitting me with this!

Air France- Collapsing At Your Doorstep
Talk about surreal... this is coming down off of the best... um yeah.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama on the cover of Spider-Man

That's right... not only does this dude listen to rap music, shoot hoop, and body surf... but he collects comics. Issue #583 of The Amazing Spider-Man gives "a shout-out back" to the President Elect says Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief, who calls P.E. Obama a "nerd-in-chief" because of his stated childhood reading of Spider-Man comic books. The story is set during the inauguration and gets LIGHTWEIGHT RACIST when an impostor and a basketball get involved. Don't get me started on the fist bump... Here's a page Marvel leaked...

Books come out Wed. January 14th, half of all covers feature the President Elect. Here's some music while you wait in line for your shop to open...
The Ramones- Spider-Man

Tenacious D- Spider-Man

Homer Simpson- Spider-Pig

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Just before the Holidays, Reebok X Quannum Records X ShobizSF collaborated on a series of Ventilator shoes inspired by Quannum Records, Latyrx, Blackalicious, and DJ Shadow. Congrats!

My fellow record slayer Matthew Africa took the occasion to release a DOPE mix of Quannum tracks that I been rocking for a couple weeks and moms always told me to share...

CLICK HERE to git Matthew Africa's Quannum Mix!

Hit up Matthew Africa's blog I WISH YOU WOULD for the track list and hella other dope music!

P.S.... Matthew and I are rocking at Kitty's tonight and EVERY SATURDAY... come holler!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oakland's first HOMICIDE of 2009

I really don't know where to begin... my thoughts and prayers are with the family of Oscar Grant and community of Oakland.

A BART policeman murdered a man on the platform of Fruitvale station in Oakland on New Years day. It was captured on cell phone video... the Town feels different to say the least.

My flight home was welcomed by a text message that read "oakland is going off tonight... get home safe my dude..." I knew about the protest at Fruitvale station, but by the time we were riding home, shit was on fire and the cops and hellacopters were all over downtown. The media is busy sensationalizing the damages, citing estimates of up to $150,000. Speaking of damages...

BART should pay the ALL damages during protests in addition to whatever the family needs and then some... fuck that, the officers pay should automaticly go to the family for the rest of his life.

The family is suing for 25 million dollars.

What ever $ settlement associated with this murder should be LARGE ENOUGH to make BART feel the sting daily... and what are we to do? I don't feel safe on the train anymore as long as their police are armed. I've lived most of my life blocks from Fruitvale station and have been lined up and harrassed by the BART popo hella times coming to and from St. Elizabeth High just 2 blocks from Frutivale Station. It really could have been any of us. How will the damage to the community be repaired? In a way, this happened to all of us.

I know it's hard to be strategic in all this anger... but we must.

CLICK HERE for more photos of Jan. 7th protest on JSIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY

"In Their Own Words" NBC Bay Area has some decent coverage

Davey D TV has some words from Oakland Mayor Dellums (finally)

NWA- Fuck The Police
Part of me thinks I shouldn't... fuck it. Police Brutality... some Amerikkkan poets wrote a song about it... like to hear it? Here it go...