Monday, January 19, 2009


Wall 1 of 2walls in 2days... the corner of Valencia and Duboce in SF, on the side of Pizza Zone. This is phase 1, burners. We came back on day 2 after painting O'looneys in Lower Haight and hooked up the background. Again, apologies for the low rez imagery, shot of the finished wall to come soon!

above: Mike Giant was one of the first writers I met after I started writing for real. He was hella good to me and taught me "whatever you can draw, you can paint" which I now tell youngsters. He is duly recognized as a great artist and is blowin' the fuck up! He's got his own Sharpie model. Damn! That's official!

above: Keb, GM5 Killin' it, wait till you see the background laced up just right!

above: Buter, TMF So ill he's decrepid and falling off the wall... This man's hustle is flawless! Keep you eyes peeled, more to come fa sho!

above: Wand, TM7 Tall, white and sick widdit! His gargantuan final letter forced me to be creative. Thanks buddy!

above: Little dude infront of Meut, TDK's abreviated styles. He and his brother were like 10 and 11, just started writing and just got caught by their dad for having paint. Think this dude wrote "Toxic" haha.

above: Chief is always one of my favorite writers. Don't call it a come back!

above: SF O.G. Cuba... a worker asked, "no sketch?" to which he replied "I been doin' this for 30 years, I don't need one." Word!

above: Pi = 3.14159265 gets ill with scraps and borrowed paint.You've seen him up... pleez buhleev!

Guardians of the wall were painted on the rooftop by Buter. The spot is visible from across the street at Zeitgeist. I HELLA love painting! FUCK YEAH! Thanks to all the homies, well wishers and all who rocked the wall of fuckin Pizza Zone!

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