Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lower Haight! (Updated)

Listen to this on repeat till your ears bleed....

Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell- Yes

This wall is wall 2 of the 2walls in 2days run. It was hella fun to paint with yall! The last 2 posts were directly from my sidekick, so apologies for the low rez (no pun intended) and lack of context. These are from the first day of painting, like Buder TMF/189says "it's like a party painting at this spot." So he came back and lit it up! I'll repost with the final shot with saucy megapixels...

This is Lil' Mohammed in front of my piece. His pops owns the store. This dude is a G, he just stood and watched us paint and guarded our gear/paint so the sketchy Haight St. types couldn't violate. I rocked a pager code with my "MT" since Buder repped 189 crew.

Buder has been painting O'looney's liquor store on Haight and Steiner in the SFC for years through the homies at Lower Hater who are across the street from the sto'. I've rocked with him on this wall a couple of times, but unfortunately wasn't able to come back the second and third nights in which a magical unicorn pegasus appeared my little pony steez. He also hit up the homies in Lower on the wall which I thought was a hot idea since the whole hood comes thru to say hey and spread love. Check back for the shot of the wall!

Big up to Mohammed and lil' Mohammed for holdin' us down!

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