Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Home AKIL!

First and foremost, massive love and hellllla respect to everyone for supporting Dream Day 2010. I wanted to tell this story when Dream Day was happening, but kept it tight in lieu of legal repurcussions.  Now that this tough situation is resolved,  I'm more than happy and proud to tell you EXACTLY where your hard earned and heartfelt $upport went. . Now that Akil is home where he belongs, Lil John, Dreams brother, thought it would be good to let yall know.

Akil's mother, Nikki Sellers, moved with Akil to Wisconsin to be with her family as soon as she found out that she had breast cancer and she didn't have long to live. Tragically, when she passed, Nikki's  father and mother wanted to keep Akil and raise him, contrary to Nikki's wishes and as stated in her will. Akil who was held against his wishes, wanted desperately to come home and cried every night to Lil John, who has raised him with Nikki ever since Dream was murdered. A custody battle ensued, and legal fees amassed (and still a ways to go). Akil only 10 years old, had lost both parents, and was being held against his will in Wisconsin, away from his family and all he knows. By the time I heard, Dream Day planning was already in motion, and the pressure was on to make Dream Day amazing and raise money the family needs. The money raised from Dream Day 2010 went DIRECTLY to paying the lawyer who got the case thrown out, and Akil was brought home in a few days after Dream Day! I'm really proud to be a part of the community of people who tweeted, facebooked, commented, blogged, attended and dropped money in the milkcrate and made Dream Day a success. You've transformed a tragedy into a good and beautiful deed. Your support brought a kid who had been through more than his share, home to this community who will continue to raise and support him... in his mother and fathers honor.
Thank You.
The Dream Kontinues....
-Willie Maze aka Marty Aranaydo.

Extra huge thanks to:  The New Parish fam, Dj Apollo, Dj Sake One, Dj ShortKut, Dj Platurn, Dj Qbert, Dj Myke One, Fresh Analog Music Experience (F.A.M.E.), The Bangerz (Cutso & Squareweezy), Equipto, Bored Stiff, Mike Marshall, Big G of the 808 Band, TDK dudes for the art, Estria, Bam, Gilad of Live Venu,  Namane, Sele Nadel-Hayes, Oakland City Council Woman Nancy Nadel, and the thousands more who supported...

Catch some of the performances and goodness courtesy of (THANKS GILAD!)