Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daft Punk - Drezzed

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So geeked for the new Tron! The Tron future has had huge influence on me from my youth, helped inform my sense of aesthetics, and was my favorite arcade game... totally wide eyed and excited all over again. Hope cheezy Hollyweird one liners don't ruin it for me.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Willie Maze Logo(s)

I been kicking around some designs for a new Willie Maze logo… The DJ handle comes from my favorite and perhaps the best baseball player ever to do it, Willie Mays. I’ve been staring a the MUNI logo since i first rode the damn thing as a kid, baffled by the super summer of loveish logo, and once I figured it out, decided it was so appropriate for the city, and was reddish and later orange for the Giants.  I always wanted to flip it over, and with a few adjustments, you got a perdy good WM logo. *baang*  That's gonna be make a sick sticker for a record label.

Ambigrams! They're called f*cking ambigrams. The first two letters of my handle also have an ambigrambic quality, when stacked and create hella possiblities for design. Here's one...

Here's a tune in honor of my style idol, and the best to ever do it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ason Jones - Raekwon

Raekwon - "Ason Jones" from kinetikcinematix on Vimeo.

Rae puts it in perspective. We all know the feeling.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dj Willie Maze - Sister Music (Music Er'Body Sister Like) cir. 2001

What up Fam... in 2001(pre-Serato) I recorded this mixtape (really a tape!) in honor of my sister Adeline, using records I figured she'd dig (thanks for  put'n me up on Tribe when we were kids!).  It's a trip looking back at old mixes... I can hear how fun this was to make.  It's got an ORIGINAL Goapele track we recorded in Dj Fuze/Namane's basement closet that was also my first time behind the boards mixing her vocals, also what we usta call "remixes" mixed live that are now 'mashups' or 'blends,' and a grip of dynamite soul and rappity rap that has stood the test of time. Yowza!

All told, it was a good project that never saw a whole lot of daylight. If you like it, please share it and spread love. Thanks!

 -Willie Maze

WillieMaze - "Sister Music" mix

Download it here.
Erykah Badu - Bag Lady
Angie Stone - Keep Your feat. Guru (R.I.P.)
Pharoah Monch - The Light
Jill Scott - Love Rain (WilieMaze Re-Work)
N'dea Davenport - Sweet Misery
Talib Kweli - I'm On My Way
Musiq - Sunny (Just Friends)
Outkast - Ms. Jackson
Dj Quik - Well
Whitney Houston - Fine
De La Soul - All Good? feat. Chaka Kahn
Angie Stone Everyday (WillieMaze Remix)
Common - Funky For You
Raekwon - Ghetto
Goapele - Low Down (WillieMaze Exclusive)
Lenny Kravitz - I Belong To You
Zion I - Venus
Toshi Kubota - Nothing But Your Love
Wycleff Jean feat. Mary J. Blige - 911
Bilal - Soul Sister

ps. Wish I still had the tape jacket! If you got one, please holler.

also: GOAPELE has a show coming up in Oakland May 13tha & 14th @ The New Parish!  Don't miss it! Get tix here!

"...Master of None" Art Exhibition by WillieMaze aka Marty Aranaydo

What up Fam, I've been painting alot lately, and somehow talked my friends at Somar Bar where I spin Fridays into letting me show some new work. I was really inspired by the big walls and good lighting, and created a series of new, big works that will be exhibited at their space for the month of May. The show opens officially today, with a reception from 5pm-9pm. I'll post photos of the work soon!
Ugh, i hate writing Bios, but had to craft one for this show. Here it is, I'm presenting it in an effort to get accustomed to doing so... please forgive.
"Martin Aranaydo is a mixed media artist with a strong focus on painting.  A descendant of Native American and Philippino dissidents, his work navigates the universes he walks in.  He has made art in Oakland, San Francisco, and many American cities for a lifetime and has written graffiti for 20 years as a protégé of the late Mike “Dream” Francisco.  His work can be seen on Bay Area walls and in protests and direct actions across the US and Canada.  Martin Aranaydo lives and paints Oakland, and is soon moving to Hawaii to contribute to the freedom struggle of the Hawaiian people."

This show will consist of a series of paintings.

Layers of "Self Portrait" from Willie Maze on Vimeo.

Hope you can stop by and check 'em out! They'll be up thru the end of May.

"...Master of None" Art Exhibition by Martin WillieMaze Aranaydo
Somar Bar
1727 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, Ca!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Home AKIL!

First and foremost, massive love and hellllla respect to everyone for supporting Dream Day 2010. I wanted to tell this story when Dream Day was happening, but kept it tight in lieu of legal repurcussions.  Now that this tough situation is resolved,  I'm more than happy and proud to tell you EXACTLY where your hard earned and heartfelt $upport went. . Now that Akil is home where he belongs, Lil John, Dreams brother, thought it would be good to let yall know.

Akil's mother, Nikki Sellers, moved with Akil to Wisconsin to be with her family as soon as she found out that she had breast cancer and she didn't have long to live. Tragically, when she passed, Nikki's  father and mother wanted to keep Akil and raise him, contrary to Nikki's wishes and as stated in her will. Akil who was held against his wishes, wanted desperately to come home and cried every night to Lil John, who has raised him with Nikki ever since Dream was murdered. A custody battle ensued, and legal fees amassed (and still a ways to go). Akil only 10 years old, had lost both parents, and was being held against his will in Wisconsin, away from his family and all he knows. By the time I heard, Dream Day planning was already in motion, and the pressure was on to make Dream Day amazing and raise money the family needs. The money raised from Dream Day 2010 went DIRECTLY to paying the lawyer who got the case thrown out, and Akil was brought home in a few days after Dream Day! I'm really proud to be a part of the community of people who tweeted, facebooked, commented, blogged, attended and dropped money in the milkcrate and made Dream Day a success. You've transformed a tragedy into a good and beautiful deed. Your support brought a kid who had been through more than his share, home to this community who will continue to raise and support him... in his mother and fathers honor.
Thank You.
The Dream Kontinues....
-Willie Maze aka Marty Aranaydo.

Extra huge thanks to:  The New Parish fam, Dj Apollo, Dj Sake One, Dj ShortKut, Dj Platurn, Dj Qbert, Dj Myke One, Fresh Analog Music Experience (F.A.M.E.), The Bangerz (Cutso & Squareweezy), Equipto, Bored Stiff, Mike Marshall, Big G of the 808 Band, TDK dudes for the art, Estria, Bam, Gilad of Live Venu,  Namane, Sele Nadel-Hayes, Oakland City Council Woman Nancy Nadel, and the thousands more who supported...

Catch some of the performances and goodness courtesy of (THANKS GILAD!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The City of Oakland honors "DREAM DAY"

Lookout world, this may be a first.  The City of Oakland has officially proclaimed February 17th, 2010 "DREAM DAY" in honor of outlaw artist and rebel graffiti writer Mike "Dream" Francisco. Its HELLA official... gold leaf proclamation states:
City Council Proclamation
WHEREAS, it is my privilege and pleasure to recognize the life and contributions of Michael “Dream” Francisco; and
WHEREAS, DREAM was born on August 15, 1969 in Vallejo, California to parents Irene Francisco-Ancheta and Sergio G. Francisco and raised with brothers John Francisco, Kenny Ancheta, and Dexter Francisco and step-father Sonny Ancheta; and
WHEREAS, DREAM was an Oakland artist, writer, father, and community member who pioneered the art form of “graffiti” on the West Coast; and
WHEREAS, DREAM used the power of his art to convey messages to the greater society, connecting and raising the sights of a broad community voice, unifying people from vastly different backgrounds, and taking a stand against nuclear proliferation, police violence, colonialism, cigarette companies for unfairly targeting communities of color; and
WHEREAS, beginning in 1983, DREAM became recognized as one of the Bay Area’s stylistic innovators, organizing and participating in gallery installations such as “No Justice, No Peace – Word from the underground” (1993) and “Amerikan Terrorism – Shadows on the Global Street” (1995), globally-recognized murals including the 1993 memorial mural for Plan Bee, which spoke out against gun violence, and collaborations with Oakland and Bay Area musicians featured in music videos and on album covers; and
WHEREAS, DREAM challenged young people and his peers to determine their own pathways in life, through revolutionary literacy, pride in culture and history, respect for the family, conscious living, and lifelong learning; and
WHEREAS, DREAM took great pride in his Pinoy roots, and embraced other cultures by building bridges between the Black and Asian/Pacific Islander communities in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area; and
WHEREAS, DREAM earned the 1995 Precita Eyes Youth Mural Arts Award and 2001 Best of the Bay Award for Visual Arts; and
WHEREAS, DREAM gave lectures on graffiti to students at the University of California at Berkeley, Laney College, and the Eastside Arts Alliance and was featured in numerous films and documentaries, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s production Roots, Rhymes + Rage: The Hip-Hop Story; and
WHEREAS, DREAM’s murder on February 17, 2000 was Oakland’s twelfth homicide that year and sparked a renewed focus on anti-gun violence in the Oakland community; and 
WHEREAS, DREAM, the TDK “The Dream Continues” crew honors DREAM’s life and work in the forthcoming book “The Title of My Book Reads: Advanced Vandalism”; and
WHEREAS, DREAM’s fiancé, Nicole Sellers lost her battle with breast cancer this year, their larger community has re-pledged their commitment to support Dream’s brother John in caring for their son; and
WHEREAS, DREAM’s son, Akil Francisco, continues as an artist and future community leader in father’s legacy, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, that the City of Oakland recognizes the great contributions of the arts and community that DREAM brought to Oakland and encourages all to join us in declaring and celebrating February 17, 2010 MICAEL “DREAM” FRANCISCO DAY.
Nancy J. Nadel
Councilmember, District 3


Vogue and I got it framed and we presented it to Dream's Brothers and Neice at the Dream Day throwdown! 

In recognition of the occasion, the TDK CrewFamilyMassive are continuously creating art for the entire 24 hours of Feb. 17th, 2010.  Check back for updates, images and video... I hear it started exactly as the time went from 11:59 to 12 midnight!

For your listening pleasure, DJ SakeOne CFD, during the first few hours of Dream Day busted this dope soundtrack for the 24 hour celebration!  All tunes are TDK associated/inspired... Thanks Sake!

SakeOne - "Tha' Dream Kontinues" Mix
free download: CLICK HERE

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DREAM DAY 1O: Honoring the Life & Legacy of Mike "Dream" Francisco

"Dream Day" Celebrating the life and legacy of Mike "Dream" Francisco
February 5th, 2010
@ The New Parish
579 18th St. @ San Pablo Ave
Oakland, California
Art Reception  5pm-9pm, All Ages, Free
Showtime 9pm-2am, $10 (dontations accepted) All Ages (with parent)

Art exhibition by TDK crew + more

Music by DJs: Apollo, ShortKut, Sake One, Fuze, Myke One, Platurn, Namane, and Willie Maze. Live drums by:  Big G of the 808 Band

Performances by:  Equipto, F.A.M.E. and The Bangerz.

The Bay Area's best DJs and Artists have assembled to pay tribute to life and legacy of Oakland's beloved Graffiti King and Bay Area legend, Mike "DREAM" Francisco. Recognized worldwide as a style master, Dream's graffiti established the visual aesthetic of Oakland's Hip Hop culture, and put The Town on the map in what is now the fastest growing art movement in human history.

This event marks ten years since Dream was tragically murdered in a robbery on February 17, 2000. All DJs, Performers, and organizers will be donating their skills to benefit Akil Francisco, Dream's only son (now 10 years old) who also just lost his mother to breast cancer in January.
Mike Dream’s use of a temporary and renegade art form created a lasting legacy of radical education, social justice, speaking truth, and creative self expression. His life and work continue to inspire thousands and bring pride to his community. The TDK crew is also proud to announce the forthcoming book on Dream's art and life: “The Title of My Book Reads: Advanced Vandalism.”  
If you are unable to attend and want to support, please make checks out to:  The Dream Trust Fund, or Akil Francisco.
Checks can be  mailed to:

Irene Francisco-Ancheta
427 Central Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501

Thank you,
-TDK CrewFamilyMassive

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Dom Kennedy ruling outta Venice... Shouts to my homie Sharon, Activista House, I wouldn't know the feeling this video exudes without time well spent a block from the sand. Shouts to Dream and PakOne TDK who painted with me at Venice back when it was all good!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The Future looks pretty damn cool right about now...

Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Graff eye candy as we gear up for Dream Day 2010, honoring the life and legacy of Oakland/The Bay's undisputed graffiti style master, Mike "Dream" Francisco. Many posts to follow about DREAM DAY, its Super dope line-up of Graff Artists, performers, DJ's and other goodies... hold tight. 

Feb. 5th, 2010
The New Parish
579 18th Street @ San Pablo Ave.
Oakland, Ca

Mark sure you're there!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rad Omen - Rad Anthem

RAD OMEN - "Rad Anthem" from Nicholaus Goossen on Vimeo.

New electro dope from Troublemaker out of LA. The track is dope, the video is hilarious and well done.  SEARCH, PARTY, & DESTROY with the fast food boys. Enjoy/Support/Holler.

Download: Rad Omen - Rad Anthem / alt link
Caught wind of this on Chrome Kids, stay gold.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Big up Photoshop for the redux... 

The release of the MTN MUTE button has a lot of writers like myself hollerin' GENIUS. Apparently after talking to my yout MIGUEL he was like, "yeah, i usually just use grab a magnet from wherever." *Bubble bursts* Guess the real genius is marketing it! Coming soon to a distributor near you... remember, real killers move in silence!

UPDATE: I was informed that citizens may not know what the fuck this means, so *for the non-writer* The agitator (metal ball)that mixes the spraypaint is held in place and kept quitet by this nifty magnet you can buy from your local montana retailer, or just take a powerful joint off your ‘Fridge and voila… happy hissing sound with no pesky rattle.

Get yours at MTN COLORS South (SF) City!

In the meantime, enjoy this dope KING BRITT graff anthem off of When The Funk Hits The Fan. Got it off his blog, reassuring to know the DJ/Graff connection is still strong. Philly, I see yawl.

King Britt - Taggin' & Braggin' feat. Capitol A

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CaliWay - J-Billion, 1O.A.K. & Spank Pops

"CaliWay"-J Billion ft Spank Pops & 1 O.A.K from Vinroc on Vimeo.

again apologies on the late pass...

Salute to Dj Vinroc, J-Billion, 1O.A.K. & Spank Pops for capturing Summer and re-creating it sonicly (nothing short of F'n magic!). The That's That Records team took it even further and made the perfect call to shoot the video at the quintessential Bay Area slice of life  "Dooinit In The Park"... it almost hurts to watch it in what seems to be the coldest winter in recent memory. Maybe if I play this more often it'll warm things up out this piece!

The song is available on iTunes so go get it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

1O.A.K. - Love Cats

1 O.A.K. - Lovecats from The Mighty Fifty on Vimeo.
1O.A.K. performs live, download the orginal below.

Honor Rollers, forgive my tardiness... (I got a note stating technical difficulties.)

Lateness aside, I'm going on the record FULLY endorsing the head-nod, slap and soulful vocals 1O.A.K. and Trackademicks brought to the loved/hated Cure version. The HNRL version really takes Lovecats in a new direction (hairspray and white hi-tops to fitted caps & t-shirts) while amplifying a proper dose of sexy that the playful original obscures with it's sexy lyrics & goofy tune. Looking forward to the forthcoming "covers" project from Trackadeezy and 1O.A.K.

Download:  1-O.A.K.- "Lovecats" (prod by Trackademicks)