Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The City of Oakland honors "DREAM DAY"

Lookout world, this may be a first.  The City of Oakland has officially proclaimed February 17th, 2010 "DREAM DAY" in honor of outlaw artist and rebel graffiti writer Mike "Dream" Francisco. Its HELLA official... gold leaf proclamation states:
City Council Proclamation
WHEREAS, it is my privilege and pleasure to recognize the life and contributions of Michael “Dream” Francisco; and
WHEREAS, DREAM was born on August 15, 1969 in Vallejo, California to parents Irene Francisco-Ancheta and Sergio G. Francisco and raised with brothers John Francisco, Kenny Ancheta, and Dexter Francisco and step-father Sonny Ancheta; and
WHEREAS, DREAM was an Oakland artist, writer, father, and community member who pioneered the art form of “graffiti” on the West Coast; and
WHEREAS, DREAM used the power of his art to convey messages to the greater society, connecting and raising the sights of a broad community voice, unifying people from vastly different backgrounds, and taking a stand against nuclear proliferation, police violence, colonialism, cigarette companies for unfairly targeting communities of color; and
WHEREAS, beginning in 1983, DREAM became recognized as one of the Bay Area’s stylistic innovators, organizing and participating in gallery installations such as “No Justice, No Peace – Word from the underground” (1993) and “Amerikan Terrorism – Shadows on the Global Street” (1995), globally-recognized murals including the 1993 memorial mural for Plan Bee, which spoke out against gun violence, and collaborations with Oakland and Bay Area musicians featured in music videos and on album covers; and
WHEREAS, DREAM challenged young people and his peers to determine their own pathways in life, through revolutionary literacy, pride in culture and history, respect for the family, conscious living, and lifelong learning; and
WHEREAS, DREAM took great pride in his Pinoy roots, and embraced other cultures by building bridges between the Black and Asian/Pacific Islander communities in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area; and
WHEREAS, DREAM earned the 1995 Precita Eyes Youth Mural Arts Award and 2001 Best of the Bay Award for Visual Arts; and
WHEREAS, DREAM gave lectures on graffiti to students at the University of California at Berkeley, Laney College, and the Eastside Arts Alliance and was featured in numerous films and documentaries, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s production Roots, Rhymes + Rage: The Hip-Hop Story; and
WHEREAS, DREAM’s murder on February 17, 2000 was Oakland’s twelfth homicide that year and sparked a renewed focus on anti-gun violence in the Oakland community; and 
WHEREAS, DREAM, the TDK “The Dream Continues” crew honors DREAM’s life and work in the forthcoming book “The Title of My Book Reads: Advanced Vandalism”; and
WHEREAS, DREAM’s fiancé, Nicole Sellers lost her battle with breast cancer this year, their larger community has re-pledged their commitment to support Dream’s brother John in caring for their son; and
WHEREAS, DREAM’s son, Akil Francisco, continues as an artist and future community leader in father’s legacy, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, that the City of Oakland recognizes the great contributions of the arts and community that DREAM brought to Oakland and encourages all to join us in declaring and celebrating February 17, 2010 MICAEL “DREAM” FRANCISCO DAY.
Nancy J. Nadel
Councilmember, District 3


Vogue and I got it framed and we presented it to Dream's Brothers and Neice at the Dream Day throwdown! 

In recognition of the occasion, the TDK CrewFamilyMassive are continuously creating art for the entire 24 hours of Feb. 17th, 2010.  Check back for updates, images and video... I hear it started exactly as the time went from 11:59 to 12 midnight!

For your listening pleasure, DJ SakeOne CFD, during the first few hours of Dream Day busted this dope soundtrack for the 24 hour celebration!  All tunes are TDK associated/inspired... Thanks Sake!

SakeOne - "Tha' Dream Kontinues" Mix
free download: CLICK HERE


Mariko Masaoka Drew said...

Wow, official is the right word here. Everyone's hard work is being recognized. OAKLAND REPRESENT!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the words mart. it's the dopest poem i've read in years. onelove!

茂一 said...
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Dawn said...

I am starting the Oak Tree Arts Center on 23rd Avenue and 21st St., and we are looking to change the graffiti on the side of our building into a community art expression, a mural of beauty that embraces the incredible diversity of this neighborhood. We are looking to be a force that stops the violence here. I need help. I need to know who to turn to or where to go to start this kind of project, so that it really heals this situation.
I love this neighborhood, and I am looking for answers. With the inspiration of Michael's work and his accomplishment, I go with hope... Any answers, ideas or comments are welcome. We are really in the dark and are driven to do this.