Monday, January 4, 2010

1O.A.K. - Love Cats

1 O.A.K. - Lovecats from The Mighty Fifty on Vimeo.
1O.A.K. performs live, download the orginal below.

Honor Rollers, forgive my tardiness... (I got a note stating technical difficulties.)

Lateness aside, I'm going on the record FULLY endorsing the head-nod, slap and soulful vocals 1O.A.K. and Trackademicks brought to the loved/hated Cure version. The HNRL version really takes Lovecats in a new direction (hairspray and white hi-tops to fitted caps & t-shirts) while amplifying a proper dose of sexy that the playful original obscures with it's sexy lyrics & goofy tune. Looking forward to the forthcoming "covers" project from Trackadeezy and 1O.A.K.

Download:  1-O.A.K.- "Lovecats" (prod by Trackademicks)

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Adrionna Fike said...

Bruh, he's tight! I'd like to see him with a band. Rock that shit.