Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dezzy Dez [Video Interview] Circa 1983

Amazing footage I've never seen! Dezzy Dez (aka. Kay Slay The Drama King) breaks it down...

...Dez's interview gives you a good look at the foundation of graffiti culture, the words we live and die by.

So much of what is expressed here was what I learned at Oakland's famed 23rd Street Yards(R.I.P.) on the other side of the country; under Maestros like Dream TDK, Poem HS, Vogue QMC, Krash BSK, and Spie TMC to name a few. Now that 23rd is defunkt (paint yeah, hang out, no) there's a void in the tradition that hundreds, maybe thousands of writers were schooled, made mistakes and proved themselves one way or another. I wonder where the Bay's new frontline of writers are getting put up on what this Writing thing is all about and how the game goes. I came into Graffiti writing about 8 years after this interview was given, and seeing it now, I can definitely say it was carried almost exactly to the letter (no pun intended)... It remains to be seen what the effect the internet has on todays new guard. Time will tell.


Big up Ket and 12 Oz. Prophet who's dope blog I caught this on.

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