Sunday, November 1, 2009

Willie Maze - The Extra hOur (mix)

What up Fam, daylight savings is upon us, and I'll spare you any "fall back" wordplay.
Kasha told me I have an "extra hour" today, so I thought I'd share some music. The first song that came to mind was something I have only on vinyl, so i figured I'd keep it that way throughout. Selections are also pretty autobiographical, songs that made me want to DJ in one way or another. One Take Willie aka Willie Maze lightweight mixed it in a stream of conciousness... this is what it sounds like.

Willie Maze - The Extra hOur

Download it here.

1. Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane - Abide With Me
When I'm dead and in a box, I wanna hear this.

2. E-40 - Earl... That's Your Life
Earl is totally at home at this tempo. Styling super hard. "Yeah, Too $hort, bust adlibs on my shit... " Classic. Besides, how many rappers gonna tell you their gov't name?

3. Just Ice - Going Way Back

4. Aretha Franklin - Baby I Love You
My girl was listening whilst I was recording. (Aww...)

5. Planet Asia - Moonlight Melodic Rush
Audible hunger in this mans verses was amazing at this stage.

6. Mistah F.A.B. - If "IF" Was A Fifth
F.A.B. tells us about the future and makes some good points about the past too... and about Trina's ass.

7. Jr. Walker & The All-Stars - Cleo's Mood
This is my pops copy of this record, the pops and scratches tell you how well loved it was in our house.

8. Joseph Malik - Take It All In and Check It All Out
Bay Area Hip Hop Coalition record pool rando record. I instantly liked it, didn't go to the dollar bin at amoeba.

9. Goapele - Higher (Closer Amp Live Remix)
Amp Live's production brings a more than worthy tangent to Closer. King Britt made a dope Closer remix that I also felt coulda seen a lot more daylight.

10. Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Everyday People
Another one of my pops records, love this track cuz it sounds like they coulda been playing this song for hours and decided to start recording. The song fades in and out... so they just may have kept on playing it. I'd love to get my hands on the entire session...

11. Volume 10 - Pistol Grip Pump (UK Jazz Remix)
The original version is so classic, I rarely play it out anymore, but UK Jazz Mix? That goes too!

12. Dj Lengua - Pacheco's Cumbia Squares (Remix)
This track gets me everytime, this is what I like to call PsyCumbia. Mexican space funk also works. Dj Lengua says Unicornio Records has more projects coming soon, new Dj Lengua and a kid called Chicano Batman. Get familiar.

13. Jay Dee - Fuck The Police
Needed to play this since I got harassed earlier this week. Apparently "am I under arrest" sounds like "stand me next to the other brown men in a lineup while someone in a car looks us over" to a cop. Yeah, fuck 'em.

14. Grand Master Caz and Chris Stein - Wild Style Subway Rap 2
The talking in the background makes me laugh. I needed some good advice after the FTP moment.

15. Havana - Tangled
Matthew Africa bought this for me in the dollar bin at Amoeba, Nicolay production Havana sounds great over. Figured if it was that important... Matthew has his reasons.

16. Masta Ace Incorporated- The Phat Kat Ride (I.N.C. Ride Remix)
Sounds like this Sunday, sun's just breaking. Can't beat it for the Left Eye reference.

17. Otis Redding - Groove Me
Been listening to this song my whole life, just now hitting me that this song reminds me of the love of my life right now! Awesome!

18. The Roots - Long Time feat. Peedi Peedi & Bunny Sigler
19. Joan Jett - Crimson and Clover
The first minute or so of this cover goes, then it gets dated real fast...

20. Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C.
One of the first records I ever mixed on two turntables. Last I saw the Masta I.C. he was on MTV as a former rapper talking about his relationship with his lady... whatever, this is dope!

21. E-Rule - Listen Up
I saw this record, and thought about how I've seen it used as crate cred (Synopsis is the A side) but I think Listen Up is played not nearly enough. E sounds like he could rap forever. The song is waaaay long.

22. O.C. - Word Life (Les Nubianes remix)
Is it safe to start playing this again? Nah, I think not. It became hella cliche to the headwraps and Common hat dudes back in the day... still dope tho.

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