Friday, May 7, 2010

"...Master of None" Art Exhibition by WillieMaze aka Marty Aranaydo

What up Fam, I've been painting alot lately, and somehow talked my friends at Somar Bar where I spin Fridays into letting me show some new work. I was really inspired by the big walls and good lighting, and created a series of new, big works that will be exhibited at their space for the month of May. The show opens officially today, with a reception from 5pm-9pm. I'll post photos of the work soon!
Ugh, i hate writing Bios, but had to craft one for this show. Here it is, I'm presenting it in an effort to get accustomed to doing so... please forgive.
"Martin Aranaydo is a mixed media artist with a strong focus on painting.  A descendant of Native American and Philippino dissidents, his work navigates the universes he walks in.  He has made art in Oakland, San Francisco, and many American cities for a lifetime and has written graffiti for 20 years as a protégé of the late Mike “Dream” Francisco.  His work can be seen on Bay Area walls and in protests and direct actions across the US and Canada.  Martin Aranaydo lives and paints Oakland, and is soon moving to Hawaii to contribute to the freedom struggle of the Hawaiian people."

This show will consist of a series of paintings.

Layers of "Self Portrait" from Willie Maze on Vimeo.

Hope you can stop by and check 'em out! They'll be up thru the end of May.

"...Master of None" Art Exhibition by Martin WillieMaze Aranaydo
Somar Bar
1727 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, Ca!

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