Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hell yeah, its Saturday! YUP! Matthew Africa and I been holding Saturday nights at Kitty's down for at least a couple years. In honor of that I thought I'd share another Napquest! You know you doin' a lil' much when you wanna suggest your friend Selena, who just turned what ever, is a Nasty Girl. Pretty sure I obliged this one with a good laugh... especially since these aggrobreezies were polite and shit ("please, thank you"). Check out how creepy the little face is with the mono-brow. Come thru tonight if you wann chill in the East Bay and you wanna hear us bus' the dope moves! 10P-2A, 21+, Always Coverless to deal with the Heat!

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Matthew Reamer said...

Napquests are the best. platurn has shown me some real doozies. Hope all is well, brother. Let's get up soon. -ream.