Saturday, November 15, 2008


Last week my birthday exploded all over the city. In the age of gentrification, aka hipster-invasion, it's rare that anyone is from the Town these days, and today I wanna express my love for my fair city. I live within eyeshot of where I was born and love what I am because of it. As a dude who loves music, by my count you gotta love history too. Music is always be shaped by hella factors, and in this city the good, bad, and ugly always makes for good music. If you love your city and rep that shit you know what the fuck I mean... I got love for all yall, but Oakland's home.

I could go on... I'm sure I'll revisit this topic often... this time round, here's what comes up when search OAK.

Keak Da Sneak feat. Mistah FAB- Oakland
Man, this song really puts it down... Nostalgia and hella shit no hipster could ever reference (hipsterproof). This shit reminds me of writing E.S.O. on the bathroom wall of my elementary school in pencil next to "ELF" which was my first tag. hahaha. Love that FAB is on it too E.S.O. and N.S.O. love! Big up to my patna Matthew Africa (KALX 3p-6p Wed.)for puttin me up on this'n!

Jawbreaker- Condition Oakland
This track makes the cut even though Jawbreaker ain't from the Town, cause it reminds me of drinking with punks on rooftops and shit (and the title). This track's huge sound is hella beautiful and reps a feeling I know to be Oakland. Peep the Kerouac samples... dude knows the town too.

Rodger Collins- Foxy Girls in Oakland
Listen. This song is self explanitory and not a whole lot has changed except E.14th is called International by newcomers (See Keak's track). This song is a whole lot of awesome and there's a bit of shit talkin' bout Frisco dudes in it, and although I don't share the opinion, it's reassuring that the friendly rivalry goes back to Rodger's day. This track reminds me of DJ Kitty who held down the Town's longest running Soul nite at the Ruby Room on East 14th. She usta rock this bout every Wednesday and even though fools at that spot looked like they were fighting when they danced, she kept it poppin.' She owns a bar now. I rock Saturdays with Matthew Africa at KITTY'S you should come thru!

Casual feat. E Mac, Too $hort, G Stack & Richie Rich- Oaktown
Off the Smash Rockwell album this came out when hyphy was big and its genius is that this track takes it back to the slump Too$hort made famous. Love that the chorus is kids yelling "Oaktown" while fools are spittin' bout all that town life includes. It reminds me of catching the 82 to go play ball at Greenman next to the 69 Village. Ask somebody.

more later!


Matthew said...

remind me to give you the Dangerous Dame version of "Oaktown" if you don't have it already.

Megatron in the Trunk said...

Casual is hella funny. I love that Oaktown track.


Adrionna Fike said...

This is what I love about where I live, it reminds me of where I come from-that big beautiful family with all those cousins. Let's green the ghetto, it's beautiful out here.