Thursday, November 27, 2008


Goin' out to all my Natives, those Indigenous to Turtle Island... and all our friends, allies, and loved ones however the fuck yall ended up on this continent. While you are enjoying food and family, take a second and think about your ancestors, and give thanks. But FUCK THANKSGIVING. Things are the way they are because of lies, murder, slavery, and genocide committed(and being committed) by our "founding fathers" (White Americans.) So go find your elementrary school teacher and slap the shit out of them for teaching lies, making you make a construction paper headband with feathers, or god forbid "reinacting" the first thanksgiving with the "pilgrims." Ok, so it's 2008, lets get it straight... shit is still fucked up and the same thangs continue under the guise of free markets and corporations. Genocide is still alive and driven by companies we all probably support unknowingly. If you are with me in flippin the bird to Thanks-taking, try not to live off the backs of others, and to those who are lived on, lets shake these fucks!

I hope you're living it up with fam and friends. Here are some bangin' Rez jams I got from my dude Nick from Thunder Valley... he's making the worlds first green corridor on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota... show the world how to live Nick!

Northern Wind- Sneak Up
I like this song because it sounds gunshots going off and sneaking up on your enemies. Northern Wind is no joke, these fools kick ass!

Northern Wind- Crow Hop
A Crow Hop is a pow wow dance where dancers flex their skills at a different tempo. It's all about fools swagger and style. If you ain't seen, get your ass to a pow wow... shit is dope!

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Lover of Junkies said...

Fuck the holidays and mindfucked consumerism