Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oakland? Berlin? HELL YEAH!

You gotta love the interweb. A big part of my evolution is tryna stay up on shit round the globe as much as possible. Although there's HELLA bullshit out there, there's a whole lotta dope shit too, you gotta find good filters... Discobelle is one of my favorites. I came across this track from Bounce camp 'round Ju-ly and I wanna play it more, sooo I'm innoculating your asses with the expectation that you'll come out and listen. This track is dope cuz 1. It's Town related (Saadiq vocals!). 2. proper freakage of the best samples of the original song. 3. progression is clever and not hella repetitive. 4. the Champ!

Bounce Camp is from Berlin. This is how he describes his sound...

"10% rap, 24% house, 10% cheese, 12% hand claps, 2% cheap perfume, 8% golden oldies, 8% Miami, 0% minimal, 6% sexy midget playing a keyboard, 12% stolen property, 100% Bounce Camp!!!!!!!"

... I can digit.

Bounce Camp- Big Dancin'

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