Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sup Fam?! Meet my dude Derek of DMD METAL. Derek and I have been painting walls together for a while now. He's a SICK painter, but also the ILLEST jeweler EVER. He created the GRAFFILTHY HOOPS which i bought for my lady.... a sick Funk Style alphabet makes an accessory basic make a DOPE piece of art. Peep...
People literally can't stop complimenting them, neither can I. It's such a hot idea, that he made a piece for dudes that is arguably more Hip-Hop than the four finger ring... check out the GRAFFILTHY RING...Derek HELLA outdoes himself on his signature piece... the TRAIN HOOPS ... these shits are f'n unbelieveably detailed. Once again, a variation of a fashion staple, the hoop/name plate but with a mini subway train bombin' scene that is CUSTOMIZABLE. Wholly shit... he can bust a handstyle, throw-up, or burner with your/your girls name or whatever on the train... WTF?! Game over!In the Graff world Derek is bonafide, ask somebody... as a jeweler, a total professional. All Derek's work is done by hand, so if you love graffiti, stylin', and craftmanship holler at D!... You can find these and more dope stuff for your fam at Derek's ETSY STORE. (He's too humble about pricing in my opinion... get yours!)