Friday, February 20, 2009

Too Much Dick On The Dance Floor!

You're thoroughly rocking a set at a club, everything is going as planned... erryone is rocking steady, the ladies looking right, you've got it about to pop FOR REAL, and then *scream* a fucking breakdance circle errupts! Now, before you keep it real and pull my Hip Hop card, I love the art of B-Boy'n and DJing for BBoys/Grrs is one of my great joys... but in a sweatbox, it's hella out of context, alienates everyone else, the atmosphere we worked on creating is now centered on your bullshit look at me "DANCE-TURBATION." I don't know what's worse, when it's your patna from round way, or some hippy raver who just took a tab to the knob... ugh.


Luckily, DLAKE and DJ MORSY banged out a song that can help you deal with those fucks. They formed a Baltimore supergroup called CLAIRE HUX! Click that shit and download the mixtape by Bmore O.G. Scotty B. Here's a video (kinda). Can't wait to drop this on the next hippy raver spinnin' on his lips!

I was on Discobelle th'other day and APPARENTLY the dudes of Flight of the Conchords made their own version... hmmm. Funny. But biting is never condoned. Spread the Dicks out.

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