Monday, February 2, 2009

"Bay Area Graffiti" Book Release Party!

Q-Tip - Gettin Up
Welcome to your NVR OVR read-along storybook...Graffiti Slanguistics 101... (please forgive if you already know)... Gettin up:  "Writin my name in graffiti on the wall."  push play and read along!

Bay Area Graffiti book release party and art opening this Friday, Feb. 6th, 5pm-9pm @ 111 Minna, SFC! It's free to get in and still leaves enough time to get a burrito before you hit the club... 

Bay Area Graffiti is a brand spankin' new graffiti book chronicling getting up in the Bay Area.  I got a preview during an Oscar Grant rally in Oakland last month...  It's fucking AWESOME!  The layout is clever and striking where other books can overwhelm and insult.  The choices of what is in or out were made by one of our own, Chris Brennan of Unaesthetic who is not only one of the fam, but imbedded in the culture from which this book explodes.  

For real yall, in the days when  "the buff" (graffiti removal fucks) seems to be winning and graff art is a scapegoat every election cycle, Bay Area Graffiti  is an excellent document of the dope shit that lies dormant under a half assed city sponsored paint job, and by all counts, should put the Bay where it belongs as a world class graffiti city. Hopefully this book will inspire another wave of art and artists, here and around the world. To any and all that feel left out cuz you didn't get in, hey... there are only so many pages, but the canvas is endless!  

See yall Friday at 111 Minna from 5pm-9pm... Willie Maze be spinning with the Look Out Weekend crew! Copies of the book will be available for $30, ($45 in stores) cop one and get it signed by the artists in the book! 

Q-Tip - Renaissance Rap (Remix feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, & Lil Wayne)
Finally, well you just need to hear this... Dope posse cut in the tradition of "The Symphony"

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