Sunday, March 1, 2009

Graffiti Rock(!) for Amoeba Music Party!

Amoeba Music , easily one of my favorite spots to dig for vinyl, is throwing a warehouse party ala "Warhol 60's" steez... Guess who is gonna paint the walls? A Montana Cans sponsorship lured a dope crew of Graff Writers to paint... unconfirmed invitees are Buder TMF, Keb ICP, Wand TM7, Mike Giant, Meut TDK, Coro, PI= 3.14... Big up to Buder for working his magic, think I'll pass out when is see how many cans of Montana Gold we're working with... check back for sidekick photos and updates on the walls! Oh yeah, the party is free so come thru!

In antcipation I thought I'd share some shit witcha... I was peeping DJ ICEWATER's aka. DJ Pinoy Noir's AWESOME blog The Source Pages and was floored by the GRAFFITI ROCK episode that had me all nostalgic and laughing. Enjoy! Thanks Icewater! "Just check out THIS!"

Graffiti Rock from DJ Pinoy Noir on Vimeo.

Seeing corny productions of "hip hop" in its commercial infancy is dope when you think of all it's latter day manifestations... it's a long way from the f'n billion dollar circus that comes to mind nowadays... yowza.

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fikeandfiber said...

This stuff here is totally funny, beautiful and wholesome; good stuff for kids and their parents. Thanks. Adrionna of Bay Area Youth Developers Coalition (BAYDC)