Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Class is in Session!

In my evolution, there are the kindred, those I look to for opinions, homie love, and good times. Those that are proud of where we're from and our influences, but somehow never satisfied, always looking forward, always pushing in their own way. Those that get it like I get it. I been meaning to do a "HOMIE LOVE" post on the reg, and am overdue. Don't trip, I'ma make it up to yawl... ALL week.

The Honor Roll crew makes the music I wanna hear. The crew is deep to the tune of Trackademicks, DJ Tap 10, Spank Pops, Josie Stingray, 1 O.A.K., Mike Baker the Bike Maker, and Mox to the More. Trackademicks is one of the Bay's foremost producer/mc's and at the center of the sound that is the HONOR ROLL. The sound slaps like we like it in the Bay, but don't get it twisted, they take their cues from everywhere and then some. TrackyD was just awarded a Goldie by the SF Bay Guardian and the 'Roll is celebrated wherever forward looking Artists, DJs, and producers are seen and heard. ... so like the young man says, "Class is in session!"

Mox to the More - Guzzlin Guiness feat. Trackademicks
This track makes me wanna slap someone and have a beer. In a good way.

Spank Pops - Hangin feat. 1 O.A.K.
Spank and 1 O.A.K. do the damn over this Loose Ends classic...

Chromeo - 100% (Trackademicks B-Live Pemberton Remix)

Trackademicks puts his hands to a Chromeo heater and turns it out! Fools Gold/Honor Roll? Fuck yeah!

I'ma hit yall with more Honor Roll tracks this week... stay tuned... Fuck it here's more.

Mike Baker the Bike Maker - Lets Make it Happen feat. Trackademicks
Mike Baker and Trackademicks flex styles over this bouncy feelgood sound... referencing old school flavor with updated content and style. Watchout for the give and go on the last verse! Hot!

Kenna - Say Goodbye to Love (Trackademicks Remix feat. Mike Baker)
The Mike Baker blues makes for good listening and the video below is kinda eerie but dope!

In case you missed it or g-d forbid SLEPT on this, here's the [RE]MIXTAPE here it is... all you gotta do is look at a little Z-Share ass. It's a good cross section of what goes down in the Honor Roll camp, with fresh remixes from Trackademicks, mixed by DJ Tap 10. Taa dow!
Trackademicks - The [RE]Mixtape Vol. 2

I know you like what you hear... do yourself a favor & buy music! Go see them live!

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