Monday, October 12, 2009

Estria Graffiti Battle 2009 (Update)

Vogue TDK ?CREW 2009 Estria Graffiti Battle National Champion

Congratulations to Vogue TDK/?Crew on winning the 3rd Annual Estria Graffiti Battle! (Katch of Hawaii took 2nd)! Last Saturday, 20 graff writers from across the country came out to Lil' Bobby Hutton Park, aka Defermery Park in West Oakland to paint for the National finals of this now annual community event. The graff battle is a part of the Life is Living festival which featured Dj Sake One, performances by Kev Choice, Pharoah Monch, The Mighty 4 B-Boy Battle, and Town Park Skatejam. Yeah, it was a zoo!
Each writer was given 13 cans (Montana 94) to paint an 8'X8' canvas stretched on wooden cubes strewn across the park which was packed with community people on a really good vibe. Writers were given the word "Grow" to freestyle, manifiest, and inspire the community that's watching and interacting during the 5 hour time limit to complete work (it was tough for people like me who are from Oakland, stopping every 30 seconds to hit up a kids blackbook or give pounds and hugs to the fam). Every painter went went super hard this year, making this year's throwdown one for the books!

Since I didn't get to leave the confines of my cube, I'm glad my patna Scott LaRockwell did a bang-up job documenting the day, CHECK IT OUT. Some good shots in the SF Weekley blog too.

Refa TNS's piece was extra dope!

Big thanks to Estria/Bamuthi/Crew and all the volunteers for bringing it all together! This has quickly become my favorite annual community event! Stay up!

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