Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wii Spray

The photo above and video below are prototypes of a Wii Spray can controller for a new Sony video game. The video game industry is hella crazy right now... it seems that no sub culture is safe from the desire of the introvert inside the millions of gamers who want to catharticly experience that which a musician, Graff artist, and dj's (DJ Hero) sacrifice thousands of hours and hard work to become great. The possiblity presented by the Wii spray can is distinctly different than the dynamics of Guitar hero because if the can is built right, the user can actually learn to paint whereas a "Guitar Hero" can't play shit after mastering it. As a writer, I can see the learning curve getting shorter and shorter without the elements of danger, expense and potential jail time. The part of me that wants to "keep it real" is at odds with the possiblity of a future where we will have to be even better at our craft to hold the crown. So be it.

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

The users in this video suck, but the potential in the Wii Spray is there. In the end, who's on your team?
  • Graff writer who learned to paint on the street? Or...
  • Wii Graff painter who learned in the comfort of they living room?
Graffiti could potentially have a Rap vs. Internet Rapper momenet really soon... ugh.

p.s. Serato allowed in the DMC competition? You ain't heard that from me...

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