Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Burnerz - Cops Hate Kidz

The Burnerz (Zumbi of ZION I + The ARE of Trackmasters) have responsed to the recent violence in Oakland with a track "Cops Hate Kidz." Say what you will, Zumbi ain't never lie...
“Cops Hate Kidz is written as a response to the murder of Oscar Grant by a Bart Police Officer, as well as the murder of four Oakland officers last week. The Burnerz feel that the tragedies that we are witnessing can be attributed to the long history of police brutality experienced in the black and brown communities.”
The Burnerz - Cops Hate Kidz

Oakland stand up, get organized. Look out for one another. Stand tall or not at all. Found this video too, prolly unofficial, but still pretty thick with footage from Justice for Oscar Grant protests and references to other brutality cases.

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