Thursday, June 18, 2009



Filmed 5 days before his passing into LEGEND.

I have been working with Frisco Graffiti's Spie One TMC/TDK/FC on the "DREAM TDK" book project this week, today he informed me that another King has passed on to join the ancestors. Our thoughts and prayers go out to IZ, his family and friends. IZ the WIZ was as central character to the foundation of Graffiti, not to mention the "Style Wars" Documentary which was a huge influence in my upbringing and thousands of other writers around the world.

The Roots - Act Too (Love Of My Life)

When the TDK crew put an held a memorial artshow to raise funds for DREAM's son and to fund a book/documentary of DREAM's work, IZ THE WIZ was there, sending original artwork to be auctioned off to support the cause. We will always remember IZ THE WIZ with honor and the utmost respect as a true Graffiti King and bad mother fucker.

“A lotta trains, a lotta fun…a lot of art”. -IZ THE WIZ. [MORE VIDEO CLIPS]

I have spent some time recently with the TDKids, the children of my TDK brethren. This generation will grow up with graffiti in there lives from day one. Had our lives been the slightest bit different, these beautiful little mammals might not exist... who knows? It all might not go down the same without Legends like IZ THE WIZ that inspired us to get up... REST IN POWER. We've got another sprit on our shoulders to lookout for us.

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